AP-Stormage - E

The dynamic songs of STORMAGE impress with their rich diversity and multiple facets, thus making sure that they stick with you without ever letting go.

STORMAGE cleverly combines traditional melodic heavy metal with the modern influences of today‘s genres, while always sounding unique and up-to-date.

Or as it could not been better summed up by Andreas Schöwe of Metal Hammer more appropriately: „A refreshing interpretation of modern heavy metal, which is second to none in Germany“.

STORMAGE was assembled from musicians of a metal band known as Anthem back in the days, who - with their debut album („Metal Or Bust“) - received great attention from metal fans and fanzines alike. After the former singer left the band, guitarist Heiko Heseler stepped into his shoes, and remained there until today. With the addition of guitarist Hugo Fromm in 2003, STORMAGE was born.

They spent two years with intensive songwriting to be able to produce their debut album „Balance Of Power“ at the Ampire Studio, which was released in 2005 via STF Records and received fantastic reviews worldwide.

Dead Of Night - 2017
Sudden Awakening - 2007
Balance of Power - 2005
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