AP-Motanka - E

The band Motanka was founded in 2016 by 4 guys.
They are originally from Ukraine but now live in Berlin (Germany). These four persons have played in different bands during the whole their lifes. Having been for a long time abroad and playing a lot of shows in Germany Poland and Ukraine, the musicians had took an interest in the authentic culture of their motherland.
That's why they use the name Motanka. There is really special thing about Motanka ,it was a kniting doll that ancient Ukrainians used as the sacred overseer.
It was without the face because it related to ancestors and to still hadn't borned souls! Ukrainian strange instruments mixed with metal music and ambient parts with heavy and quiet ancient vocals.
The atmosphere of the music is strange, mystic and dark in the same time it is really easy to listen. For the moment Motanka records in annalog studio their new material.
Motanka can perform for more than 1 hour with their new music that always drown people's attention.
Viktor Zhalnin - Gesang,Hackbrett, Elektronik-Pads,
Anatoliy Zhalnin - Gitarre,
Sergiy Khodorchuk - Bassgitarre,
Dmytro Diachenko - Schlagzeug.

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