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Jazz is life

"Jazz is life and life is joy. My music is a tribute to life, "says Massoud Godemann, who recorded 2010 with Open Letter" one of the most beautiful, poetic, moving, convincing jazz guitar albums ever "(Jazzpodium Nov / Dec 2012).

Together with Gerd Bauder (b) and Michael Pahlich (dr), he forms the trio MG3, which creates a world of sound and impressive versatility and is thus able to enchant the audience again and again.

Pure Emotion is the trio's recipe for success, and the ease with which the band performs with composition and improvisation makes listeners listen, feel, laugh and finally celebrate.

The extensive press review gives you a clue.

The one who is to blame, however, was only the ... Rock'n'Roll. Its power and directness formed the virtuoso but spontaneous guitarist until he consistently turned to jazz and just that vital energy in jazzy tracks steered. 

Born was a down-to-earth jazz, melodic but not complacent but individually, powerful and strictly striding his own way.
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