AP-Heartfield - E

Heartfield – a band project created by a guitarist, vocalist and a songwriter Jakub Sedlak.
After finishing his jazz guitar degree in Prague, Czech Republic, he decided to leave the role of a sideman in various commercial projects and start his own music career.
After moving to Berlin in 2014, inspired by the bands like Pink Floyd, Dream Theater or Steven Wilson, Jakub composed his first songs that would eventually become his main intention – Heartfield.
„Life is a huge field of different emotions, feelings and experiences. And the same with music.
Heartfield is where I put together the ones that somehow got stuck in my heart.” Therefore the songs range from sad ballads and melancholic moods to rock attitude and raw metal.
The music has a strong emphasis on melody, supported by heavy guitar riffs and wide synths.
The song structures are complex, mostly longer, very emotional, with unusual harmony and rhythm changes that will hold the listener's attention till the end.
In 2016 Heartfield self-released their first EP Follow including four tracks. Now in 2017 Jakub is forming a live band so that he can bring the music on to the stage.
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