AP-Etta Zero - E

Take a groovy Rock band, deep and heavy Metal guitars and combine the whole thing with modern, electronical sounds and a striking voice. The outcome is ETTA ZERO: a musical
hybrid of Rock, Electro, Metal and Pop.

The four musicians, from the with about 30.000 inhabitants truly tiny Principality of Liechtenstein, know each other since their young years and played together in different formations, casts and styles since the middle of the 90´s. 

That precisely this constellation from all tried variants has now come together, is not a coincidence.

The diverse characters und musical preferences of each band member, caused the required friction whose chemical
reaction now in ETTA ZERO and in their album The Last Of All Sunsets, which has been released on May 30 through Dr. Music Records, connects to a homogeneous mix.
The Last of All Sunsets - 2015
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