AP-Ego Decay - E

EGO DECAY Play their own Independent sound, the polarized - Pearly and synth-like guitars breathe the coolness of the New Wave, rough riffs go steeply into postpunk and alternative.
Underneath this is a dark melancholy - a connection with which EGO DECAY stands in the tradition of British indie guitar bands.
The voice stretches the bow over this wide sound atmosphere: hymnic in the hooklines, irritable in the challenging verses. Kantige Lyrics cut deep into memorable melodies. With drifting finesse and powerful beats of drums and bass, a progressive rock sound is created, far from the gripping pop song to the experiment between sphere and noise.
Also in the lyrics EGO DECAY show cynical announcements against egoism, profit and aggressive fanaticism. They are scoffing around the mainstream.
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