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...coming Hamburg and Neumünster!
In cooperation with Carsten Collnbusch from "The Finest Noise" we offer you an interesting workshops series titled "Pimp you Music"
On request, we provide a video of all topics to our participants for the reworking.
​​These are the topics:
- Gema , GVL , publishing - what do they realydo?
- Gema ? Is it worth it? How do I get all the money?
- Booking : How can I get gigs, how do I find a Booker?
- Label ? "good" Label/ "bad" Label? Do I need one at all ?
- How do I set up my own label ?
- Distribution: What do they exactly do and how do I get one?
- how should a professional BANDINFO look like?
- And of course : Promo ? What's the point, what is it good for and whatis a fair prise?
These workshops are intended not only for "our" bands. Its absolutly worth the money if you want to get or stay informed in terms of the buissenes site of music
Plese book by contact us and wrighting the Keyword "Workshop" + Date in the subjekt.
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