AP-Cadaver Disposal - E

2013 and many lineup-changes later, the band finally released their debut album "May all be dead", which got lots of great reviews. The artwork was done by Marcelo Vasco (also arts for SLAYER, KREATOR, BELPHEGOR, and many more). "May all be dead" was a concept album about a war-veteran. 

Due to several reasons, the band split up in early 2014, but finally, in summer of 2016, was re-united with the following lineup:

Stefan Meyerhoff – Vocals (ex Braindead) 
Dennis “Blaze” Baron – Gitarre (Mallevs Maleficarvm, Final Depravity, ex Deus Inversus, etc.) 
Alex Voss – Bass (Majesty) 
Florian “Torturer” Klein – Drums (Bethlehem, Mor Dagor, ex Belphegor, etc.)

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